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Installation & build

Delivering flexible CCTV & access control systems to ensure secure environments.

Whether your need is for a basic security system or a more intelligent, detailed system that includes ANPR, infraredrecording, analytics or intelligently linking up to security lighting, access control, intruder and fire alarms, we have options to suit your business.

Combined with an access control system that can secure your property without worrying about potential issues like losing or having your keys stolen DACC Europe create a safe and secure environment.


Site surveys are essential to an access control system deployment.

Understanding the field of view available from specific camera locations, the human throughput that is possible when locating an access control system, as well as the routing for power and necessary data cabling is critical to a specific design.


Our planning service identifies thenecessary cameras and systems required to meet your securityrequirements whilst maintaining generaldata protection regulations (GDPR).

In addition, we define and plan any required civil works, permissions required for camera mounting and cabling locations both data and power wherenecessary


Our installers are able to carry out the civil works required to install camerasand other access control systemsincluding pole mount and building mounts, door control hardware and barrier systems as well as servers and software to manage the systems.