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Data Centre

Design & implementation

Supporting your Datacentre implementation from comms rooms to hyperscale.

DACC Europe supports you through every aspect of your datacentre deployment. Our years of experience mean that we know the challenges of the design and installation of new datacentres and have the skills to rise to meet those challenges whether it is a small comms room upgrade or large dedicated datacentre premises installation.


We follow design best practise to ensure that your datacentre can meet the operational and capacity requirements for the initial installation as well as being flexible enough to allow for future expansion and upgrade.

This will include floor layout, rackinglocations and power feeds as well as overfloor and underfloor trunking. Our designs take into account the need to have hot and cold aisle layouts for thermal consideration.


Our teams will install cabinets, racks and distribution patch frames of any size to support the installation of network hardware. Containment systems can be installed to ensure the physical security on-site.

In addition, we can supply and install any underfloor trunking and cage work as well as overhead fibre and cable trunking.

Our specialist electrical teams can install power cabling to the top of racks back
to the PDU, leaving the site ready for hardware installation and power-on.

Hardware & cabling

DACC Europe are qualified to install cabling systems from a number of providers including Commscope and Panduit.

Our teams are able to install structured copper cabling including Cat5e, Cat 6 & Cat6a as well as OM1, OM2, OM3 & OM4 fibre optic cabling with any end connector. All our cabling is tested and verified to meet applicable standards.

We have the capability to installnetwork and server hardware within the datacentre and perform lights-on testing as well as local data configuration.