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Mechanical services

Water  and environmental

Mechanical services for industrial and commercial facilities.

We work with customers in the financial & banking, telecommunications, commercial, industrial and retail sectors, providing all aspects of plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems including high capacity hot water systems, water boosters, Trend BMS, water treatment and fire sprinkler systems.

Water treatment and plumbing

Industrial water treatment systems vary depending on the purification and separation requirements. We provide water solutions ranging from compact and straightforward to complex filtration processes that meet your requirements.

Industrial ventilation systems

We provide industrial ventilation and exhaust systems that provide safe working environments and ensure regulatory compliance for your facilities.

Air-conditioning systems

Our dedicated air-conditioning teams design, install and inspect commercial and industrial air-conditioning systems. We provide inspection services to ensure that you stay compliant with TM44 – a requirement for an building over 12 kW of cooling.