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Moves & changes

From a single switch upgrade to a full comms room decommissioning, move and recommissioning.

DACC Europe can support the ever-changing requirements of your network.

Our change processes ensure fully documented changes with minimum downtime and full stakeholder engagement.


Our moves and changes planning process ensures that all stakeholders, including affected users and network managers, are fully informed of the planned changes and any potential impacts.

Fully documented change processes allow us to carry out all planned changes as quickly as possible and with a minimum of disruption to users of the services running over the infrastructure.


The DACC Europe team are fully trained on our network partners equipment. They have the expertise and experience to carry out the physical moving or replacement of network hardware, installation of new patching and other cabling and any software upgrade orĀ configuration changes.

We can support any planned changes from simple patching changes, to workstation replacement or OS upgrades to full network hardware replacements.


As part of any network change or move, we will provide a full set of post-change documentation, including as-built diagrams.

Post-change on-site support can be provided to support local users that may have been affected by any change.

We can arrange for decommissioned and end-of-life equipment to be recycled or disposed of in accordance with WEEE regulations.