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Design & implementation

Seamless wireless connectivity is now an essential service in both private and public spaces.

Our wireless designs ensure the wireless infrastructure delivers a great customer experience using in-depth surveys, appropriate AP locations, channels and density while our implementation services ensure that your wireless rollout is delivered on time and on budget.


On-site wireless surveys are essential to the successful deployment of Enterprise- class networks.

Our skilled survey teams gather essential wireless performance data from your site enabling us to identify the ideal locations for access points considering the attenuation caused by surrounding walls and features together with the materials they are made of.

Site surveys also include possiblecabling routes and identification ofmounting methods that are in keeping with the site location and any necessary location restrictions.


Our wireless design expertise ensures an optimal network design delivering the highest possible speeds and maximum coverage while keeping the number of required access points to a minimum.

We understand the broad scope of possible applications for a wireless network and will provide a design that caters to the exact requirements of the users of the system.


With implementation experience rangingfrom offices to industrial manufacturingfacilities to college campuses and the like, we have the expertise to deploy your wireless network quickly, efficiently and on time.

Accurate as-built documentation is supplied as standard, and post-installation surveys are carried out to ensure the network is delivering the optimum performance.