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Installation & build

Delivering end-to-end projects from software upgrades to network transformation.

Whether your organisation needs a network transformation, software upgrades, wireless deployment, or moving to a new location and need a wholesale move of your assets and control systems, DACC Europe has not only the capability to deliver these services but to manage the ongoing services post-installation.


We are not bound to a single operating model. Instead, our managed servicesare defined to meet your requirements.

We work with you to define your exact requirements, to understand not only the technical requirements but your businessneeds and how we can deliver the bestoutcome for you and your business.


Every customer is assigned a dedicated account manager who works with both our teams and your teams across multiple disciplines and locations and engages each of your stakeholders so that delivery of the service is seamless.

The ongoing service activity is constantly assessed and reported upon against key milestones and KPI’s agreed at the outset and where necessary resources from DACC Europe can be flexed up or down very quickly in order to keep the services on track.


Our services staff are manufacturer trained in multi-disciplines from cabling moves and changes through to software deployment and upgrades, dealer
board deployment, safe and certified destruction of confidential information by way of disc shredding, and multi-services